Sunday, September 13, 2009


As I study Greek, Latin, and just language in general. I realize that language is a messy business. Even in languages like Greek and Latin, with their declensions and conjugations arranged neatly. Its a facade for the chaos underneath. The irregular verbs, the seemingly lack of verbal cases only to find them located somewhere else in the language (such as the Latin perfect case compared with the Greek Aorist case). Human language must has started out as merely smells or simple symbols (like smiling, frowning) and then overtime developed into the various language families known today. After such a chaotic beginning, societies attempted to put order on language so as to preserve its understandability among the speakers of it. As time goes on though, it seems to be impossible to hold back the powers of change on a language. In many ways, the modern English of today is a better language then Old English. We have the ability to express a far wider number of ideas to each other.Don't get me wrong though, I don't think utility is the only purpose behind language. I think beauty is something often overlooked in modern languages. The chaotic beauty of ancient language is something that is hard to find in the modern world.

Not all chaotic development is good though. Especially among some, language has seemed to decay. Some ideas are not able to be properly expressed and thus the language becomes lacking in something in once had. I don't know. This is just some stuff I was thinking about on the way back to my dorm after class the other day.